Buy Leather Goods

The production of leather mosaic goods is a time-consuming and delicate process. It takes several weeks for the artist to create the design and choose the color combination of leather and threads. Then a professional embroider cuts and stitches the patterns by hand. It usually takes up to 2 months to finish working on the mosaic, depending on the design and the choice of ornaments. When the mosaic is ready, it is stretched for a day or two. Then the mosaic is put together by either a shoemaker, or seamstress, which may take up to a month.  All leather mosaics are one-of-a kind due to the nature of the ornamentation and availability of the material.

The price of the leather goods vary: It depends on the leather supplies available, complexity of the design, quality of the threads, and complexity of the item itself. The leather goods on this page are available to purchase. Prices  start at USD 70. You can find available leather goods on the sidebar.


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