Unique boots

The production of Tatar boots is a long and delicate process. It takes up to several months to finish up a pair of exceptional boots. green boot stitchingGreen boot

One pair is a creative collaboration of at least three masters which leads to impressive masterpieces like this one! Elaborate and intricate ornamental patterns are created by a designer, hand-stitched by an emboider and, then, put together by a shoemaker. The price of each pair depends on complexity of the design, quality of the leather and threads, and the time spent by the artists.

The Green&White and Tan boots are available to purchase. Considerable amount on each price tag goes directly to the Leather Mosaic Scholarship Fund.

ideliyaGreen boots

Tatar boots are custom-made and can be uniquely designed just for you. Please have a look at several boots with different ornamental designs that had been created in the workshop called Sahtian. Generally, if you like one of the boot style below and it is available in the workshop in Kazan in the size you need, we will ship and deliver them for you within 3 to 4 weeks. If the boots are not available, customized version can be ordered. The process of producing the boots and shipping may take up to 4 months.

Please email your interests, inquiries, questions at UniqueLeatherMosaic@gmail.com and we make sure that you will get the most beautiful, comfortable and boot 3boot 2exceptional boots you could only imagine!

boot 6boot 4boot 5Boot 1New Sah boots



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