Support the Art

Donate to Develop Programming for Young Artisans

If Kazan leather mosaic has captured your heart and you want to be part of efforts in reviving this ancient art, please consider a donation.Donate Button

The efforts in popularizing unique leather mosaic, in encouraging younger generation to consider craftsmanship careers, and in overall promoting once well-known and famous Tatar boots and leather goods – are part of long-term project that will make people revisit their heritage, think more about disappearing arts and crafts due to fast-paced digitization and engage themselves in creation of new masterpieces by their hands using old and unique techniques!

Your donation will help

  • fund scholarship program that will encourage career choice as a leather mosaic master / designer. It will support the educational program in the Kazan vocational school that prepares specialists in leather mosaic;
  • help develop programs for yourng artisans
  • support local masters and workshops in Kazan area
  • support this website and arrange engagements for promoting the art in the USA, like this one.

Buy leatherwork

You may also consider supporting the artist or workshop by purchasing the leather goods available on this website, or by ordering a customized version of the designs you can find on this webpage. Money collected from each transaction contribute to Programming for Young Artisans.

Visit Kazan City

You may find the art so unique and appealing that you want to see enchanted Kazan City, an amazing hub of different cultural traditions, unique cuisine and beautiful architecture.  Email me if you are interested in visiting Kazan.



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