Support the Art

If Tatar Leather Mosaic has captured your heart and you want to be part of efforts in reviving this ancient art, consider donatingDonate ButtonWe are collecting donations to support young artisans. Your donation will help improve resource base of the vocational school that fosters leather mosaic craftsmanship.

This website authors’ efforts in popularizing Tatar leather mosaic as well as in encouraging younger generation to consider craftsmanship careers are part of the long-term project that is aimed to help people appreciate their heritage, to pay more attention to disappearing arts and crafts and to create pieces using unique techniques.


new twist on traditional Tatar boot created by Maryanich

You may consider supporting the artist or workshop by purchasing the leather goods available on this website, or by inquiring for customized versions.

Unique Leather Mosaic may spark your desire to visit the beautiful city of Kazan, an impressive and unique hub for versatile cultural traditions, cuisine, arts and architecture.


Exhibits in Tatarstan History Museum

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