Why is it unique?

Why is Kazan leather mosaic unique and exceptional and why is it important to preserve it?

Reason 1:  Leather mosaic is an ancient and rare decorative art that traces its history to the Middle Ages and can be viewed as a joint collaboration of many Turkic nations. The art reached its zenith in the 19th century, when it achieved international prominence. It has been known since that time as Kazan leather mosaic. Due to many historical, political, and cultural factors, the art lost its popularity and now needs every possible effort to keep it alive and promoted among young generation.

Reason 2: The only way to create leather mosaic is by hand because of the special Kazan stitch, which got its name from the place it was developed. The kazan stitch attaches the leather patterns together in a unique manner, which cannot be reproduced by a machine. The colorful thread outlines the borders of stitched parts from the outside, which forms the cord-like design and brings a one-of-a kind delicate and refined look. The secret of Kazan stitch is in the special arrangements and handling of the embroidery thread while sewing. These sophisticated arrangements are under the creative discretion of an artist, who is in charge of playing with the colors of leather as well as the threads. The colors of the thread allow the cord to be the defining and active agent of the whole composition of the leatherwork.P1060208

Reason 3:  The art of leather mosaic is passed on from generation to generation: It can only be produced by hand.  Each work has a creator; it is one-of-a-kind and it carries the warmth and soul of the artist, bringing the art to an exceptional level.  Anyone who has owned — or simply handled — items crafted in the Kazan leather mosaic technique realize there is nothing else in the world that looks and feels the same! We must find ways to promote the art and interest young people in considering a career in leather mosaic business.

Reason 4: Tatar leatherwork represents the rare phenomenon of fine art with utilitarian function. You can actually wear and use those pieces of art and look unforgettable. Those colorful boots and bags with vibrant and intricate designs bring purpose and beauty to the wearer’s every move. Those soft pillows and mesmerizing wall art bring peace and comfort to any home.Modern Garbuzova

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