Why is it unique?


The only way to create unique Tatar leather mosaic piece is by hand. The special “Kazan” stitch (which got its name from the place it was popularized and commercialized) attaches the leather patterns together in a unique manner, which cannot be reproduced by a machine. The colorful thread outlines the borders of stitched parts from the outside, which forms the cord-like design and brings a one-of-a kind delicate and refined look. The secret of Kazan stitch is in the special arrangements and handling of the embroidery thread while sewing. These sophisticated arrangements are under the creative discretion of master-designer, who is in charge of playing with the colors of soft leather as well as the threads. The colors of the thread allow the cord to be the defining and active agent of the whole composition of the leatherwork.

Leatherwork designed in Tatar mosaic technique represents a rare combination of fine art that serves utilitarian function. Boots, bags, pillows, benches made from the softest leather and ornamented with vibrant and intricate Tatar designs bring purpose and beauty, peace and comfort to the individuals, homes and communities. 

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