Better way to get away from politics


At the times when it is so confusing and upsetting to watch news and follow politics, I always turn my eyes to the art and… shoes…. I feel so lucky to own this pair of flats that is so beautiful, comfortable and excepional. IMG_1761

And they are piece of art…. unique art. This shoes are hand-made – every bits of them – by craftsmen from Sahtiyan.IMG_1743

The three-colored flower ornament is designed using the best traditions of Tatar folk patterns.

The patterns are cut out and stitched together from inside by hands using silk threads of different colors.


this is how the ornament looks inside


Let me know (

if you want to own something like this and  I will make sure you have it!


Leather mosaic by Sahtian

Come to get a taste of Tatar Culture and Art  as well as  to celebrate many other cultures at the International Festival in Raleigh, NC, on October 4 – 6, 2013.

This is the first year the Tatar Culture is presented in this annual festive celebration of ethnicities and their vibrant cultures. This year’s theme is “Arts, Crafts and Music” – and the Tatars have so much to offer and share.

Please stop by to see beautiful exhibits and samples of Tatar leather mosaic, embroidery, weaving, jewelry, decorations, illustrations and more. You will have a chance to realize why technique of leather mosaic is so unique and why Tatar decorative art  is so exceptional and beautiful! You will also have a chance to try yourself as a designer of Tatar costume: Boots, hats and aprons are waiting for you to be decorated with Tatar ethnic ornaments and patterns.