Museum References

Many great museums worldwide have Tatar boots (also called ichigi or chitecks) in their collections. Some of those boots date back centuries ago. The boots are labeled as originated from several countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Crimea, Russia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Georgia, Asia, Europe – those boots are created by masters who carried the craftsmanship of unique leatherwork and Tatar leather mosaic technique learnt from the Volga (Kazan) Tatars.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The British Museum London, United Kingdom

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pennsylvania, Philadeplhia, USA

Tatar Hair Jewelry (1818)


Saint Petersburg, Russia

Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA)
Museum of International Folk Art (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
Hermitage (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Victoria and Albert Museum

London, United Kingdom