The learning and the discovering of new exciting things about Tatar Leather Mosaic and Tatar Leather Boots are ongoing process. Our team is constantly researching, translating, and sharing the art of Tatar Leather Mosaic with the world in the forms of virtual and physical exhibits, publishings. If you want your community to explore new horizons and learn about the Tatars and their unique arts, let us know at chulpan at Will be happy to share!

Meat our key contributor Rafik who, as a grade school student, has been appreciative of the value of ancient arts and crafts, the spirit and knowledge they bring to the modern world. He has been diligently working on creating content and graphics about Tatar Leather Mosaic for online platforms including Wiki and Google Arts & Cultures. He is the one letting his athlete peers know that sport needs art on a daily basis!

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What to arrange for customised Tatar boots or other items created in Tatar Leather Mosaic Technique, send us email at chulpan at