Tatar Language

Tatar Alphabet by Mardesign

Tatar language belongs to Kipchak brunch of Turkic languages of Altaic language family. Like all Turkic languages, Tatar is characterized by vowel harmony and  agglutinative nature of grammatical relations between words. Based on the lexicostatistical matrix of Turkic languages and according to the to recent article in Journal of Language Evolution, Tatar language exhibits more than 50% of basic lexical similarities with at least 12 Turkic languages (Azeri, Bashkir, Crimean Tatars, Kazakh, Karachi, Khakas, Kyrgyz, Turkish, Turkmen, Tuvan, Uyghur, Uzbek). Tatar language has several dialects based on geographical location (Astrakhan, Siberian, Kazan) and on grammatical nuances (Mishar). Crimean Tatar language is much closer grammatically, phonetically and lexically to Turkish language.

The modern written Tatar language is based on the Cyrillic script since 1938, prior to that it was in Latin (1927-38) and Persian-Arabic scripts, Uyghur writing and ancient Turkic runes.  

Tatar language along with other ethnic minority languages of Russian Federation ( 26 “official” languages, 15 “recognised” languages, 15 endangered languages ) have been experiencing devaluation by heritage speakers due to deliberate promotion of titular language (Russian) and decreasing minority language instructions at schools.

Consider introducing yourself to Tatar language and culture to broaden up your horizons! Below are several online resources available as of December 2021:


Read, Listen, Watch

Selection of Tatar Music


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