Kazan is TripAdvisor’s Destinations on the Rise

What can be more exciting than to find out from the coworker that my home town is one of 10 top places to travel in the world and she wants to visit Kazan the sooner the better!


Downtown Kazan, Russia

TripAdvisor (an American website that provides reviews of travel-related content) named Kazan, Russian Federation, as its #8 Traveler’s Choice Destinations on the Rise. in 2015. This award highlights spots around the world that have received the greatest increase in positive feedback and interest from TripAdvisor members over the years. CNN notes that historic Kazan “along the Volga River has stunning architecture to admire, including the Kazan Kremlin, which offers “a mix of Orthodox Christian and Muslim cultures”.

Indeed, Kazan city presents fascinating, peaceful and empowering collaboration of various cultures, religions, traditions and mindsets.

Chiteks – gorgeous and comfortable

Among many attractions and works of art that Kazan offers, there is an exceptional, unique and functional one created centuries ago by the Tatars – the Art of Leather Mosaic.

These one-of-a-kind chiteks (Tatar boots) are created through a complex process of stitching genuine leather patterns by hands with so-called Kazan stitch and golden twisted threads. The patterns are build up into sophisticated designs that incorporate motifs of Islamic art traditions. Tatar boots look impressively beautiful and exceptional on one’s legs!


Chiteks – cosy, warm and cute!

If Kazan is on your 2015 travel list, and if you want to own a pair or two of Tatar boots and to see how chiteks are created, email me at uniqueleathermosaic@gmail.com.

Exceptional boot is called chitek

When you google boot, tons of images of different boots come up:  fancy, classy, ugly, modern, in all shapes and colors. But the boots that are created using leather mosaic technique do not come up… I am realizing that it is not only because of my poor implementation of SEO tactics but also because the boots that I am talking about on my website belong to different category. These boots are right between footwear and art. These boots are one-of-a kind and hand-made, always!

New Sah boots

made by Sahtian

The special category that they belong to is Chitek . The word chitek comes from Tatar word çitek (читек or ичиги ) which means  “a boot made from soft leather and ornamented with cutout designs that are stitched together by hands”. The technique is so unique and sophisticated that no other ethnos but the Tatars could master it over the centuries. Chiteks are very popular in many regions of Russia and highly treasured by their owners because you can conquer the world in them.  The word читек is googalabe. But chitek is not yet…  I am on a mission to figuring out the ways to make association of boot  with chitek more recognizable in people’s and web workers’ mind. If you have any ideas, I appreciate if you share them with me via uniqueleathermosaic@gmail.com

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