Here are some links to .pdf files that can give you a starting point in creating your own designs using classic Tatar ornaments: Tatar Ethnic Ornaments,   Motifs for leather mosaic,   Modern Tatar Costumes.   Those are also wonderful coloring pages for kids and adults!

Kazan Leather Mosaic
Tatar Design / Tatar ornaments
  • “Татарский народный орнамент” Ф. Валеев (in Russian) ( “Tatar ethnic ornament” by F. Valeev)
  • Mardesign – design firm led by Leisan Mardashina whose passion and strength are in Tatar ornamental patterns (in Russian)
  • Article about designer Renat Safarov – his sincere desire to popularize and bring attention to beautiful and intricate Tatar Ornaments and Designs (in Russian)
  • “Islamic design” T. Large and A. Weller, Dover Publications, 2004
  • “Гомер агачы”, Н. Сергеева ( in Tatar), Мегериф , 2008 (“Tree of life” by N. Sergeeva)
Tatar boots
Tatarstan Republic
Kazan City
Tatar Ethnos
Tatar culture

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