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If you find Tatar Leather Mosaic Art captivating, exceptional and inspirational as we do, reach out with your questions, inquiries, orders, comments to chulpankh at

Selected resources that may help navigate and visualize the Tatar culture, art, identity, history, language.

Tatar Leather Mosaic
  • Scroll through museums that display Tatar Boots in their collections
  • Book: “Казанская узорная кожа” Л. Саттарова, 2004 (“Kazan Ornamented Leather” by Liliya Sattarova in Russian);“Сәхтиян читек, саурый үкчә” Лилия Сатарова, 2013 (“Softest Leather Boot, Tougher Leather Heel” by Liliya Sattarova in Tatar)
  • Book: “Кожаная мозаика.Театр-живопись Наили Кумысниковой”, 2013 (Leather Mosaic. Art of Nailya Kumysnikova” in Russian)
  • Book: “TatDeco:From Ancient Technologies to Modern Design” by G. Valeeva-Suleimanova, 2012
  • Rozalina Shakhieva on importance of preserving leather mosaic technique (in Tatar)
Tatar Ethnic Ornamental Patterns
Tatar Language Free Resources
Tatarstan Republic
Tatar History and Identity 
Tatar Music

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