If you find the art of Tatar Leather Mosaic captivating and want to learn more about Tatar culture, art, identity, history, language, here are some resources for you.

Tatar Leather Mosaic

  • Scroll through museums that display Tatar Boots in their collections
  • Book: “Казанская узорная кожа” Л. Саттарова, 2004 (“Kazan Ornamented Leather” by Liliya Sattarova in Russian);“Сәхтиян читек, саурый үкчә” Лилия Сатарова, 2013 (“Softest Leather Boot, Tougher Leather Heel” by Liliya Sattarova in Tatar)
  • Book: “Кожаная мозаика.Театр-живопись Наили Кумысниковой”, 2013 (Leather Mosaic. Art of Nailya Kumysnikova” in Russian)
  • Book: “TatDeco:From Ancient Technologies to Modern Design” by G. Valeeva-Suleimanova, 2012
  • Rozalina Shakhieva on importance of preserving leather mosaic technique (in Tatar)
Tatar Ethnic Ornamental Patterns
Tatar Language Free Resources
Tatarstan Republic (1990-2022)
Tatar History and Identity 
Tatar Music

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