Patchwork of life

Life, in many ways, resembles the process of patching: Present and past are pieced together, swiftly or diligently, and are generously inducted into memory via patched and patterned designs. One of the most expressive way to display memories is the folk art, especially, the most eloquent and patiently-crafted ones, like  American South quilting and Volga Tatars leather mosaic

The dearest friend of mine, Lizzie, told me once, patiently and joyfully, about the power and beauty of the quilts created by Sarah Mary Taylor that involved symbolic connotations rooted deeply in traditions and beliefs of African-American culture. The Tatar leatherwork, similarly, source its inspirations from the symbolic ornaments of Turkic nomads that tell the story of what matters. 

Both folk art forms, leather mosaic and patchworked quilting, display, in their unique ways, the universal wisdom that aggregates nuances of individual lives: beautiful, meaningful and precious lives… 

Precious Lizzie’s life is lost: Life that was filled with good deeds for humanity and nature. Life that gave so much power, care and warmth to those around and in need. Imprints of Lizzie’s tender soul is gently embedded now in the colorful mosaic and patchwork of so many people’s memories whose lives were touched by Liz, including mine!

Rest in peace and warmth, Liz!

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