Make Tatar Language Instruction a Possibility!

Please help us fund a Tatar Summer Camp to teach our language that is on the path of endangerment. You can Venmo via @ideliyakh or Paypal via @chulpankh.

There are around 5 million Tatar speakers worldwide but this number is rapidly declining. The resources for Tatar language instruction are limited. This summer camp is aimed to provide Tatar children an opportunity to engage with their native language. Collected funds will be directed to pay Tatar language teachers and cover their expenses.

Alima Academy, a non-profit online school that provides Tatar classes worldwide, is working on organising the Tatar Camp this summer. There are currently no camps for Tatar children outside of the Russian Federation, and efforts to support Tatar culture have been strained since the beginning of military actions in Ukraine.

Ideliya, Rafik and Chulpan are helping Alima Academy to raise funds to support Tatar language teachers. The Tatar language has been instrumental in connecting various Turkic people to carry on businesses and innovations for many centuries. The Tatar language has served as an intermediary between Turkic languages-speaking people populating Eurasian continent and has promoted successful collaborations and opportunities. It is important for Tatar language – as well as for any other endangered languages – to have encouraging opportunities for the younger generations to keep their mother tongues unitilized!

If you’d like to stay updated with our efforts, please provide your name and email below. We will keep you informed! If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please email ideliyakh at We appreciate your feedback and support! Thank you!

If you are interested to learn why it is essential to keep ancestral languages in use, consider reading the article by Brian McDermott, where he talks about Language Healers and the value of a heritage language as the most critical marker of the health of a community.