Never late to inspire!



Would you ever guess that the traditional Tatar outfit and the leather chiteks on this cute doll was designed and stitched by hands of 80 year-old Flyora apa – an extraordinary woman who was so passionate about her hobby that she made everyone around her inspired and energized.

She would salvage unwanted old dolls and would make them irresistible and ethnic by dressing them up in hand-made Tatar costumes and hand-stitched Tatar ornamental footwear.




Hard to accept that this wonderful lady is gone. Her kind and powerful spirit will be remembered for long: she inspired people to be young-at-heart, to be excited about ethnic heritage, to love what you do. She served as an impressive role model to follow. You will be deeply missed, Flyora apa! Thank you for keeping Tatar tradition alive! Thank you for your passionate and powerful spirit, for masterful hands!

Урының өҗмахта булсын, Флөра апа!

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