Need an inspiration?

Need an inspiration or something to brighten up your day? All you need is to find couple pairs of beautiful boots and multiply them by three…and boost of energy is guaranteed.

The chiteks (tatar boots) that made my day are recent discovery from Kazan flee market. They belonged to Tatar folk dance group that performed in 1980ies in Tatarstan, USSR. The boots have holes in the thick soles telling the story that they were worn till the “last breath” and served well to their owners. It is estimated that the dancers performed at least 15 dances per show, 3 shows per day almost every weekends and holidays within two to three years. The boots were made by hands of footwear masters in Tatar Opera & Ballet Theater’s workshop in 1970ies.

tatar leather boots

Center design created by “Sahtian” and surrounded by Tatar boots created by Tatar Opera & Ballet workshop

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