Nailya Koumysnikova – Goddess Umai

There are folk-arts, which intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship incorporate the wisdom and ethnical legacy of many generations.

There are artists, whose immense depth and capturing creativity engage, empower, and energize anyone who interacts with them or with their masterpieces. 

And…..there is Nailya Koumysnikova who uniquely incorporates all these parameters!

Nailya Koumysnikova has been on a mission to revive and reimagine the Tatar Leather Mosaic Art (Kayuly Kün Sangate) for many years. Discovering centuries old leather mosaic technique in 1990ies and deciding to revive and recreate a pair of the Tatar boots for her mother (a famous Tatar actress Asiya Khairullina) turned into passion that permeates through everything Nailya apa creates and who she is.

Nailya Koumysnikova is a well-known artist in Tatarstan, Russia and globally who designs impressive works that are built on the spirit of the Tatar Leather Mosaic Art, the spirit of ancient ancestors of the Tatars and other nomadic people of the great Eurasian steppes who were the ones putting craftsmanship and deep spiritual meaning into leatherworks. Nailya Koumysnikova lovingly carries that legacy into her masterpieces. Her artwork, big or small, exude impeccable skill of aligning past with present that empowers the future. 

On April 26, 2023, Nailya Koumysnikova was awarded the Tukay Premiya – a prestigious in Tatarstan acknowledgement of a life-long dedication and contribution to the people, culture and legacy of Tatarstan. We are celebrating with Nailya apa thousands of miles away! We are so thankful for her wisdom, craftsmanship, creativity and humility. We are looking forward for many more years of productive artistry! Let Umai – the goddess of ancient Volga Bulgars – brings joy, wellbeing, and health for years to come!

Important notes:

  • We call Nailya Koumysnikova as Nailya apa, which is a respectful way to address to older than oneself lady in Tatar culture as well as to indicate a respectful connection and great appreciation.
  • Premiya has been established 65 years ago and is considered the highest recognition for contribution to Tatar culture. It is awarded annually on 26th of April – the birthday of Gabdulla Tukay, a classic Tatar poet and activist who promoted the Tatar language and is a staple of Tatar identity. 
  • Goddess Umai in the form of the bird is one of the favourite images in the artworks created by Nailya apa. For us, Nailya Koumysnikova is the Goddess Umai who personally and through her art brings peace, harmony and wellbeing!
  • If you want to be connected with Nailya Koumysnikova and custom order exceptional masterpiece, let us know.
Pair of Tatar Boots and a bag designed by Nailya Koumyskikova

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